There are hundred of activities in Greece, from a simple walking tour or wine tasting to traditional vineyards to extreme bungee jumping. Activities that can be combined to each other during a short or a long haul trip to Greece! This country combines both mountainous areas to sandy beaches. You can see the archeological excavations and well kept ruins to morden museums, to small unspoiled islands. Rich flora and fauna and even richer sea world is spread all around Greece.




The Greeks have had a love affair with food as old as millenia. Greeks often spend their mid day meal discussing whats on the menu for dinner. The variety of Attica’s cuisine reflects the varied geography of the region. With a coastline well over 150 kilometres long, one can expect to find excellent fish and sea food at many seaside locations ,such as the small, picturesque port of Mikrolimano. Each island has its own specialite. Each season has its own vegetables and fruits. Each celebration has its own tastes. Do not hesitate to taste everything the locals offer, what they suggest and the way they cook it. For a highly cosmopolitan evening out, you can choose one of many restaurants and bistros and there is also dozens of traditional small tarvenas and koutoukia in the streets.




From the ancient means of going from A to B (known as legs) to all morden contraptions, Greece has it all. You can travel around the country easily by train, car, airplane or ferry. Greece has a well organised public transport system, however, all around the country you can also find transportation. Almost all of the 165 inhabited islands of Greece can be easily combined with mainland Greece and international airports.








Standing since the Bronze Age, and rebuilt in the 5th century BC during the Golden age of Pericles and Athenian Democracy, the Acropolis has always served as the city fortress. It is the stage on which decisions crucial to western civilizations have been made. The architectural and aesthetic marvel of Parthenon will resonate for a lifetime with all who witness its glory.



Right beneath the Acropolis hill, Plaka is the oldest and most charming district in Athens. Ruins of ancient Roman structures and Byzantine churches sit alongside beautiful neoclassical manors and picturesque tartness, creating a unique mosaic of the city’s history.



The high point of Athens, accessible by cable car unless you are up for a steep climb on foot, the hill provides magnificent panoramic vies for day and night. Enjoy a cappuccino freddo at the top of the hill cafeteria and visit the picturesque Chapel of St George. The view is breathtaking and the spot is perfect for snapping panoramic shots of the entire Athenian basin. On summer nights, the theatre on the hill showcases concerts with world famous stars.



After the 1821 war of independence, the first museum of the Greek state was built. Important nationally an internationally, the museum contains priceless exhibits that chronicle the birth of civilisation.



Eye catching buildings representing diverse schools of architecture, and an era of romanticism: the University of Athens, National Library and Academy of Athens.



One of the naval port of the ancient Athenian fleet, now getaway to the islands and the world beyond. Located 12km from Syntagma square, it serves as the commercial gateway of Athens to the Mediterranean and the world, with over 20 million visitors passing through every year. A picturesque and a vibrant town well worth a visit.



Rumoured to be the site where King Aegeus leapt to his death thus giving his name to the Aegean Sea, this imposing cape is home to the ruins of Poseidon’s ancient temple and the perfect spot to watch a breathtaking sunset or bask in the majesty of a full moon.



Located 42 kilometres from Athens, this historic site will always stand as a memorial to the heroic struggle of ancient Athenians against the might of the invading Persian Empire. Famously, it is where the marathon race begins (which was won by a Greek, incidentally, in the first modern Olympic Games.


The Peloponnese is a spectacular region located in southern Greece which

offers a full range of scenery from soaring mountain ranges and alpine forests

to vineyard coated rolling hill country and perfectly symmetrical horseshoe

bays and white sand beaches. Doted around the peninsula are also a staggering

number of ancient architectural sites and historic cities. Other places to visit

include the fortified citadel of Mycenae, the monasteries clinging to the cliff

faces in Louses Gorge and the lively islands of Spetses and Hydra




Archeological museum of Sparta

Simons Beach

Nauplion Promenade

Palamidi Castle

Epidaurus Theatre

Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia

Temple of Isthmia

Costa navarino

Corinth Canal


Mykonos is perhaps the most cosmopolitan in character of all the Greek Islands and never fails to enchant its visitors. With its all-white villages, little churches, traditional windmills, inspirational colors and a lively atmosphere combined with a unique natural environment of dramatic rock formations and crystal clear Aegean waters all resulting in a stunning effect. Chora, the capital of Mykonos lies beside a picturesque harbour of yachts and fishing boats and offers an array of excellent shops, restaurants and nightclubs within a maze of tiny pebble-lined streets with white-washed steps and buildings.



*Super paradise party beaches

*Enjoy the sunset

*Clubbing with best Djs

*Visit Elia beach

*Paraga beach

*Boutique shopping

*Eat a traditional Gyro Kebab

*Mykonos town and shops

*Dine in ‘Little Venice”



Crete is the largest of all Greek islands and enjoys a history dating right back to the Minion Period of 2600 BC. Stunning landscapes, traditional villages and intriguing ancient sites combined with excellent beaches and beautiful accommodation with a wide variety of activities, which makes Crete a memorable holiday for the family. Western Crete is characterised by white mountains, home of the famous Samaria Gorge and the Omalos Plateau. On the north west of Crete is the unspoilt town of Chania.




Visit Chania Old Town

Arkadi Monastery

Ancient Minoan Palace of Knossos

Visit Samaria Gorge

Archeological Museum

Visit the island of Spinalonga

Elafonisi beach

Aquaworld Aquarium

Visit the town of Agios Nikolaos




Mykonos is perhaps the most cosmoplitan in characterof all the Greek Islands and never fails to enchant its visitors. With its all-white villages, little churches, traditional windmills, inspirational colurs and a lively atmosphere combined with a unique natural environment of dramatic rock formations and crystal clear Aegean waters all resulting in a stunning effect. Chora, the capital of Mykonos lies beside a picturesque harbour of yatchs and fishing boats and offers an array of excellent shops, restaurants and nightclubs within a maze of tiny pebble-lined streets with white-washed steps and buildings.





*Super paradise party beaches

*Enjoy the sunset

*Clubbing with best Djs

*Visit Elia beach

*Paraga beach

*Boutique shopping

*Eat a traditional Gyro Kebab

*Mykonos town and shops

*Dine in ‘Little Venice”




Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian islands, whose history has been bound with the history of Greece since the beginning of Greek mythology. Its Greek name, Kerkyra or Korkyra, is connected to two powerful symbols; Poseidon and Aspos. Corfu is just off the West coast of Greece and is one of the most Northern Ionian Islands which enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. Corfu boast breathtaking natural beauty, covered with over 3 million evergreen olive trees and is one of the greenest of the Mediterranean Islands. On this cosmopolitan island, visitors are able to combine relaxation with the option to experience good night life, stylish restaurants as well as traditional tavernas, cafes and bars that offer traditional Greek cuisine.




New Fort
Museum of Asian Art
Old Castle
Kanoni and Pontikonis island
Explore Corfu Old Town
Visit the coastal town of Paleokastritsa
Hike part of the Corfu trail
Palace of St Michael and St George
Achillion Palace



Kos is an island that is filled with white sandy beaches as well as fantastic archeological sites. Kos is the third biggest island of the Dodecanese, followed by Rhodes and Karpathos. This is a very popular destination for visitors searching for fine beaches and picturesque villages. The long history of Kos island is depicted in the many archeological sites on the island, including the ancient Agora, Casa Romana, the Castle of Antimachia, Neratzia Castle right above the port of Kos Town and the Asklepieion Temple, the most important healing centre in the ancient times.




Asklepieion Temple
Zia village
Hippocrates Plane Tree
Plaka forest
Shopping in the Old Town
Night life on bar street
Archaeological Museum
castle of the Knights of St John
Eleftherios square




This is the second largest city in Greece, also known as Solanika, and its ancient city that is bursting with life, culture and history. Thessaloniki is renowned for its night life with some exceptional bars and clubs. There is a burgeoning restaurant scene here and the food on offer is some of the best in Greece. Egnatia Odos is the oldest shopping street in Europe and it has been in continuous use since 1BC. These ancient roots are the reasons why Thessaloniki’s shops and boutiques are at the height of fashion and the reasons why Thessaloniki is considered to be trendiest city in Greece. Thessaloniki also offers an amazing astounding history and delights from the ancient empires.





The White Tower
Visit Restaurants and Coffee Shops
Museum of Byzantine Culture
Walk Along the Waterfront Polomande
Aristotelous Square
Try the city’s famous street food
Visit the area of Ladadika
Bouzoukia, Greek dancing nightclubs
Gerovassiliou Wine Museum




Zakynthos island is split into two very different scenic views. In the North and West the island with greenery and mountains. However, within the central and southern plain there is a delightful mix of shady olive groves, vine yards and valleys. In the south is where you will find the best sandy beaches which lie within the Marine Park which has been set up to protect the nesting grounds for the endangered loggerhead turtle.



Shipwreck Beach
Cameo Island
Turtle Island
Zante Town
Xygia Sulpher Beach
Visit the village of Kampi
Blue Caves
Visit the village of Kampi
4×4 Jeep Safari
Tsilivi Waterpark




Kefalonia is part of the Ionian islands and is one of the largest in Greece. This island is much greener than most with its magnificent large olive trees and forests as well as the many mountains on the island which create spectacular views. Kelafonia is a place of pure beauty and has been awarded with 10 Blue Flag Beaches some of which consists of pale sand and fine multi-coloured shingle.



Myrtos beach

Melisani cave

Castle of St George

Visit the village of Fiskardo

See wild loggerhead Turtles on Argostoli Bay

Drogarati caves


Visit the village of Agia Efimia

Hike on Mt Enos



Santorini is an island of rare beauty, a place that for centuries lies in a sea of light in the middle of the Archipelago, Santorini the One. when you sail in the bay formed by the caldera, you are totally overwhelmed and filled with awe, looking at the most admired creation of nature, a creation that is breathtaking and filled with dazzling light. Santorini is the southernmost island of Cyclades and is located between los and Anafi. The Volcano of Santorini is one of the active volcanoes of Greece, along with Methana, Nisiros and Milos. Santorini is one of the few places worldwide where architectural complexes of underground cave houses still exist inside the volcano soil. The Caldera and the whole cluster of the Santorini islands have been described as an area of outstanding natural beauty.



Enjoy the sunset in Oia
Visit ancient Akrotiri
Hiking trail in Fira
Sailing trip
Wine tours and tasting
Caldera boat trip
Visit Donkey Beer Brewery
Santorini Volcano Tour
Kamari Beach



Parga is known for its beautiful scenery and natural beauty. It is one of the

most cosmopolitan places in north-western Greece and Holidaymakers flock

here year after year to spend their days on the stunning beaches where the sea

is warm and clear. Para town has its own beach five minutes away from the

harbor and there are plenty of surrounding beaches that are a shot trip away.

Sivota is a picturesque coastal village just 20km to the north of Parga and

overlooking Corfu. Its widely considered to be one of Mainland Greece’s most

unspoiled regions.



Olive oil factory

Venetian Castle of Parga

Acheron river

Mango Club

Paxos Boat Trip

Aphrodite’s cave

Sugar Bar

Antico Rock Bar



The island of the god Sun, of the god Apollo, the island of Colossus and of the Knights. An Island with centuries of history, a cross way between nations and civilisations. The homeland of many Olympic champions and philosophers.

The emerald isle of unparalleled natural beauty, of superb light and unique

hospitality, a luxurious place for vacations, offering whatever you wish. Rhodes

is one of the beautiful medieval towns of the Mediterranean, and since 1988,

was declared World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. Rhodes is one of the

most popular for wedding destinations, with most couples choosing Lindos

and the Springs of Kallithea for their wedding venues.



Acropolis of Lindos
Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent.
Old town of Rhodes
Monastery of Filerimos
Kolymbya cave
Monastery of Panagia Tsambika
Kalithea Beach
Archaeological Museum of Rhodes
Rhodes by day and night




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